Gerrad Fletcher

Gerrad Fletcher is a professional cryptocurrency Trader and Blockchain technical analyst with 100% Success Rate, with over 10 Years experience in the stock market and 7 Years in the cryptocurrency market. With a master in computer science and Msc in Algorithm and programming language. He is a true dedicated member of Cryptosignalacademy as a top notch instructor and trader.


Gerrad Fletcher who Specialises in technology rendering to Blockchain Technology, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Cloud Application and Solution, Internet Security, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence Solution (BI), Radio-frequency Application (RFID/NFC), Geographic Information System (GIS), Wireless Solution (WIFI), Bluetooth Smart Module I have been involved in the blockchain technology since early 2016. Primarily emphasising on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Microsoft, and IBM. Till date I have backed blockchain development of several projects namely; PentaCore, EcoChain, and RecycleToCoin. • Approximately 10 years of financial services experience in New York, London, Singapore and Dublin ( Mentor, Strategist, Mandate, Trader, Accountancy ). Trading Training Course - Learn to day trade and swing trade stocks, indices and Cryptocurrency.

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Crypto Course Technical Analysis
Crypto Course Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
Crypto Course Advanced Cryptocurrency Trade
Crypto Course Cryptocurrency Swing Trading
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