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Learning to Trade with Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is a way of looking at the markets that provides you an unbiased perspective. Many new traders get caught in headlines, emotions, and feelings. Trade using technical analysis tools such as trend lines, patterns, and calculated indicators. With our charting and technical tools we are able to feel the pulse of the market and react to conditions and events. Learn to trade by reacting to market conditions. Understand what is happening to drive the price action and learn to anticipate what may come next.

Join thousands of people who are using technical analysis to find profitable trades!

A Pathway to Success

Learning to trade can be difficult. Our mission is to help you manage your trades by providing you with everything you need to learn advanced technical analysis. Our structured program will guide you through your educational journey. Rest assured, we are with you every step of the way! All memberships come with a copy of Introduction to Technical Analysis.

Membership Highlights

Educational Library
• Free and Paid courses• Educational Videos• Regular live webinars• Reference Material & links• Vast community of knowledge
Help When You Need It!
• Ask questions and get answers• Education Focused Chatrooms• TCG Pros available for questions• Beginner friendly conference calls
Live Interactive Lessons
• Conference calls and Lessons• Live question and answer• Group based learning• Peer led study groups

Gain Membership Access to enjoy the following

Crypto courses : Gain Access to Varieties of Courses available upon Purchase, with Lessons and Materials  on all Purchased Courses

Crypto day trading : Day trading is one of the most commonly used trading strategies. Day traders are active in most financial markets, such as stocks, forex, commodities, and of course, cryptocurrency markets. But is day trading cryptocurrency a good idea for you? How do day traders make money? Should you start day trading? You will learn this become a Successful day trader.

Trading Signals: A trade signal is a trigger for action, either to buy or sell an asset or Cryptocurrency, generated by analysis. This analysis are carefully carried out by our group of experts to provide with over 15 Years of Trading experience, assisted by our high tech bots, to ensure you win More and Win More!

Portfolio Management: Our cryptocurrency portfolio tracker allows you to manage your investments and keep track of how the value of your coins are changing.

Mentorship: We create a relationship in which a more experienced and more knowledgeable person helps to guide you on making profits Trading Cryptocurrency. 

To gain Membership access, Check out our list of Courses and Purchase your desired Course.

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